Heirloom; Danish Royal Jewellery


Heirloom - The wonderful world of seeds 
Heirloom - The mysterious disappearance of the Russian crown jewels
"Blue Bricks" of Akane Moriyama
Log Tower / Tadashi Kawamata

Study O Portable from London

flowers flowers flowers
Julian's arrangement
pressed flowers by Ignacio Canales Aracil
Flowers in sugar.

Carlina Acaulis

Allium Ursinum magnified

A house in Amsterdam with serious problems

Ceiling at Central Station in Brussels

Circuit boards always amaze me. They look like city landscapes.
Varieties of potatoes
Elodie Antoine is a Belgium artist with inspiring work.

After doing the dishes my son Julian took a picture of his sculpture. Good work!

an example of early rhinoplasty, taken from a book of medical illustrations for further 'surgical' intervention

   Installation by  Anouk Kruithof.

Ice flowers at our windows. Cold and beautiful.
Wonderful work by Sheila Hicks

Work by Klaus Staudt

Great Soundsuits by Nick Cave.

Storage jars in a work shed

Storage jars in a hospital lab

Amazing how a plant can grow in a wine bottle...

Ron Meerts,"Energy ring"
"Full Glass" photo study 2011

Containers which remind me of wasp nests.

Accident prevention (leather protection for back of the hand), the Zeche Sterkrade, 1936

Forgotten things by Attai Chen

Sculptures made of second-hand clothing by Derick Melander.

pattern /nature

metal pins / handmade

At the "open atelier" Desirée visited us with her camera. See more pictures on her blog.
Tiffany have got some nice shapes as well.

Lamps made by  Kristoffer Sundin and Simon Klenell. 
Here you see how the lamps are made. 
Sunflower field
Screwpine (Pandanus utilis)
Amazing vine!